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    Guizhou, as one of the richest regions of the mountain resources, KINGVIBO Biotechnology Co. Ltd. which was founded in 2009 is located in Guizhou Dafang food and drug industrial park, the main business scope is planting, production and sales of food, wine and beverage, import and export trade. At present, the actual investment has reached more than 80 million Yuan, it has its own Cili seedling planting base, equipped with advanced automated production lines, strong R & D team. The company has "Qian Yi Tang" “Zhen Guo Yang Guang”"Guo Ling Qian Xiang" and other excellent brands. The company always adheres to the business philosophy of people-oriented, integrity of business, gathering industry elite, combining advanced production technology with modern management methods and enterprise itself. Remaining competitive in the fierce competition, achieved rapid and stable development.??

    Enterprise ??????environment




    15,000 m2 of factories, offices, physics and chemistry laboratory and R & D center in Dafang food and drug industrial park.


    Enterprise production


    At the beginning of the establishment of company, it attaches great importance to the production technology, on the basis of this, the company introduced the first-class domestic automated production line, equipped with a production line of concentrate Cili juice, beverage production line, wine production line, and cold storage.

    Professional team




    There are stable technical team with rich experience and management team in the company. The production and operation of enterprises focus on high-quality products, efficient and safe as the center, with no defect management as the starting point, in order to optimize the cost structure and improve the quality and efficiency of the premise, to customer satisfaction as the goal, to perfect quality system to ensure the operation and management mode.

    It established long-term cooperation with Guizhou University School of life sciences, Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other institutions of higher learning and research institutes , marketing guidance to the product development, production difficulties. Under the strong technical support, the production and processing technology of the enterprise is more advanced and applicable.


    Corporate HONORS

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